Sleek: Whimsical Wonderland Lip VIP 

When I was browsing the Whimsical Wonderland Collection at the Sleek stand in Boots, I couldn’t quite resist this gorgeous purple lipstick. Big Shot is a vivid, creamy lipstick which is absolutely perfect for the summer months and festival season. 

Swatch in direct sunlight

Swatch in natural light

What really blew me away when I swatched this product was the high pigmentation. One sweep of the lipstick and you’re left with vivid purple lips. The soft, creamy texture combined with the semi-matte finish is also really lovely. It has that important staying power without drying out your lips which is always a bonus. 

It’s a very bold lipstick, not one I would wear all the time but pretty nonetheless! The lipstick is also only £5.50 with the same pigmentation quality as MAC. It’s safe to say I am very impressed. I know that next time I need a lipstick, I’ll definitely be checking out the Sleek Stand! 

Sleek is brand I’ve recently started enjoying, have you tried Sleek? I’d love to know your favourites in the comments below! 

Emily Mae x 

Em Chats: Hello Again 

Hello everyone! 

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet recently, sometimes you need a little time away from things. This month has been a little bit hectic to the extent that I actually deleted social media apps off of my phone for a bit so I could breathe. Inspiration was just not flowing and rather than forcing myself to post and getting stressed because posts were simply not coming together, I decided to take a little mind vacation. I feel so much better for it and have also decided on a few things as well as making a few personal goals. 

So what’s actually been happening this month? Well, we found a flat! It is absolutely gorgeous, a good size, already beautifully decorated to my taste and it was within our budget. I am so excited to move in however it’s so complicated and very stressful. The past few weeks have involved finding a solicitor, filling out a tonne of paperwork and just worrying about adult stuff I never imagined existed. However it’ll be 100% worth it for when we move in together. I’ve also booked a late summer sun holiday because my god I need it. I’m going away to Lanzarote for a week at the end of September and will be off work for 2 weeks so I can recharge and refresh properly. I cannot wait to soak up some sun, drink sangria and enjoy the island life of Lanzarote. Expect some clothes hauls as I don’t fit into any of my old holiday clothes! 

This moves onto one of my personal goals of looking after myself. I might have the mental side somewhat covered now but my body needs a little tlc. I need to stop eating so much rubbish and actually feed my body what it needs. So I’m saying goodbye to McDonald’s, Greggs and all the tempting treats which I indulge on far too often. I’m looking forward to feeling more awake and losing a few pounds. I also cannot wait to start cooking really healthy and filling meals from scratch, I absolutely love cooking. So expect some yummy, original recipes from my new flat.

I also had my nose pierced this month and I think it looks super cute! 

I hope your August has been a bit more relaxing than mine. 

Emily Mae x 

Lush Cosmetics: Elated Powder Blush 

Hello my lovelies, 

Today I’m reviewing yet another makeup product, which is not shocking, but what might surprise you is that this makeup product is from Lush Cosmetics. I’ve always loved the idea of Lush makeup, but the longevity of their Emotional Brilliance range always left me wanting. So I was so excited when I visited Lush Oxford Street, where they have an extensive selection of new makeup to try. After browsing the new and interesting products I found myself drawn to the mineral blushes. I just could not leave without one, Elated quickly found itself in my basket. 

The packaging itself is really simple yet effective, the circular, classic black Lush pot is the perfect size to travel with. Once you unscrew the lid you are greeted to a pan with ‘Lush’ arranged in the little holes, this is such a lovely touch! When I popped off the pan I was really happy to see that there is so much product compacted inside the packaging. Which makes it’s £15.50 price tag much more attractive. 

I really like the colour of Elated as it’s such a pretty, dusky rose pink. It’s the sort of shade I’d wear throughout the Autumn and Winter to create natural looking rosey cheeks. I also love how soft the powder is, it blends beautifully on the skin and doesn’t just sit ontop of your makeup. The pigmentation is also amazing, you only need a tiny bit so I can’t see myself ever needing to repurchase! 

Overall I’m really impressed with this blush and I’d love to see some more makeup from Lush with this kind of quality. The only draw back is the initial price, but for a product which is cruelty free, handmade in the UK and provides great results without skimping on product volume – I think it’s worth it. If you ever find yourself around Lush Oxford Street, pop in and take a look! 

Have you tried any makeup from Lush? I’d love to know your experiences in the comments below! 

Emily Mae x 

The Sizing Issue At H&M 

Today I went on my very first shopping trip to Westfields and I was so excited. I love shopping for new things and as I’ve worked so hard recently, I really wanted to treat myself. I decided to have a little shop at H&M as I love the quality of their clothes, the range of choices and the affordable prices. I don’t buy clothes often and I could not wait to get some cute pieces for my wardrobe. 

Before talking about my experience at H&M, let’s talk about my body size. I will admit that my proportions are a little different so I wouldn’t expect to be the same size everywhere. I’m a short 5ft 3, I weigh around 9 and a half stone with wide set hips and larger breasts. I’m a classic hourglass shape, my bottom isn’t exactly full and I have a small waist. I don’t have a flat stomach but I would say it’s normal. I simply have a normal body shape and tend to size up to accomadate my breasts and hips. When it comes to clothes sizes I wear a 12 on my top half and 12 for my bottom. Trousers at a 12 tend to be slightly loose but as my hips are quite widset, 10’s are normally a little uncomfortable. I would say a 10 would normally fit me quite well on my top half, except my breasts have decided to grow at an exponential rate this year! So now I try to stick to size 12 to stop my breasts falling out. To quantify this, the average UK women’s clothes size is a 16 therefore I should be able to find clothes that fit realively easily.

H&M is a really popular company in the UK and compared to other major high street fashion retailers, their clothes fit a little on the small size. That wouldn’t normally annoy me, clothes are made in different places for different specifications depending on the style of clothing and the intended fit. Sometimes you need to shop a size above or even below your ‘normal’ size when you go to different retailers and I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is having to shop a fair few sizes above. 

Let’s use a particular pair of jeans as an example. I love skinny jeans, I practically live in them and I love the way they look on me. So when I saw these super skinny jeans for £14.99 I had to grab a pair. As I have wider hips and the fit of the jeans is ‘super skinny’ I decided to purchase a size 14, sizing up from my normal 12. Most of my size 12 skinny jeans from other retailers are quite loose so I felt a size 14 would be the most comfortable. I could not have been more wrong! The fit was fine on my legs and bottom, but the fit along my waist is uncomfortable. The jeans are wearable, just, but hardly the fit I wanted from sizing up. I compared the fit from an old pair of size 10 jeans to the H&M size 14 jeans and they were pretty spot on. 

To get a comfortable fit I would have had to have purchased a size 16. That’s 2 sizes larger than my actual size. There are 2 issues with arise from this:

  1. The emotional and potentially damaging issue of having to purchase clothes labelled as a significantly larger size than your true size. This is very triggering for people with or recovering from eating disorders and could potentially cause unhealthy food habits for those negatively effected by the experience. 
  2. A true size 12 is labelled as a 16 in this situation. If you extrapolate this, a size 14 would be an H&M size 18. A size 16 and the UK average would be an H&M size 20. The H&M collection goes as far as a 16/18, any size above that is part of their plus size collection. H&M are basically alienating the UK national average by making their clothes sizes so small. 

This is not a weight issue. I have a normal, healthy BMI. I eat healthily and average over 20,000 steps a day with a very active job. Why can I purchase a size 12 pair of jeans from most retailers but walk into H&M and have to buy 2 sizes larger? Change needs to happen here, because I may be ok knowing my measurements haven’t changed. That I’m not ‘larger than I thought’, I’m comfortable in my own skin. But for many this would have been extremely damaging and I also hate that true size 16s may not be able to find the clothes they want. 

It doesn’t matter what size you are, you should be able to wear whatever you want from a store and not have to worry about their sizing and whether it will ruin your day. 

If you’ve experienced anything like this, I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings in the comments below. 

Emily Mae x 

Summer Festival Queen MOTD 


The UK summer is slowly disappearing, but festival season is still in full swing and there are so many amazing festival makeup looks online. I wanted to create a really easy, summer festival look which you can create on a budget as I’ve used mainly drugstore products for this entire look. I wanted to channel a golden and bronzed festival queen and I’m really happy with how it turned out! 

1) I decided to prime my face with my favourite glowy primer: Elf Mineral Infused Primer – Radiant Glow. This primer makes my skin feel so soft and the shimmer creates a luminous effect on the skin. It’s particularly good at hiding any dark spots and helping to even out pigmentation. 

2) I then moved straight in on my eye makeup and primed my eyelids with the MUA Luxe Bright & Lighten Eye Primer.  I have quite oily eyelids and this primer definitely helps prevent any creasing which will make your eye makeup last a lot longer. It also intensifies the pigmentation of any eyeshadow you use, reducing the amount of product you need which is amazing. 

3) I then defined my eyebrows with  the Benefit 3D BROWtones Eyebrow Enhancer. Now I know thick, heavy and very precise brows are the fashion right now. But that’s just not me, I don’t have time to keep them shaped and on fleek. I definitely go for a more natural brow and it’s the way I like them. You can however make your brows as heavy as you want. 

4) Time for eyeshadow! For this look I used the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice Palette as I was dying to use the brighter and shimmer shades. Using the shade Vice , I highlighted my brow bones and blended the highlight down into my crease. This will allow you to blend your transitional colour within your crease into something; creating a more flawless finish. 

5) I then applied the shade Maleficence into my crease and really took the time to blend. When blending, hold your brush at the very far end of the handle so that you blend very lightly. That way you won’t blend away all of the product at once and you can easily control how strong you want the colour to be. 

6) I then took the gorgeous colour Must and applied it all over my eyelid before applying a little more Maleficence into my crease. This will make sure the transition from each shade isn’t too strong. 

7) To add definition to your eyes, apply Fancy to your outer corners, blending it up into your crease. This is a deeper red and blends beautifully with Must

8) I then took the gorgeous shimmery shade Persuade and applied it to my crease; gently blending it into my transitional shade. It’s so pigmented and shimmery, definitely my favourite shade in the entire look. 

9) To add even more shimmer, I applied the Collection Glam Crystals Dazzing Gel Eyeliner – Funk with a tiny cat flick. This looks so gorgeous in contrast to must and I also love how highly pigmented it is! 

10) I then moved onto the rest of my face and applied the L’Oreal Cushion Nude Magique Foundation – Porcelain 01 which has become my go to foundation. It has a really lovely finish but feels really light on the skin. It also wears really well which is what you want at a festival. 

11) Next I concealed my blemishes and dark circles with the best concealer ever: Collection Lasting Concealer – Fair 1. The texture is amazing, the coverage is amazing, it’s brightening and it blends so well. If you have not tried this concealer you definitely need it in your life! 

12) To contour I used the lightest shade in the Freedom Makeup Pro Powder Strobe Palette. I actually reach for this palette over my Kat Von D contouring palette, it blends really well and seems to really suit my skin tone. I then applied the Makeup Revolution Radiant Light – Glow to my cheeks. This is such a gorgeous highlight with a warm, bronzed effect. 

13) Now for the ultimate festival makeup product, highlight! I blended Subsolar and Hemisphere from the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette. It’s so glowy and beautiful, I love this highlighting palette. 

14) I wanted to have some of those iconic festival dots but wanted to keep it really easy. So I just used the Collection eyeliner to apply small dots above my eyebrows and down towards my nose. 

15) I then applied my favourite drugstore mascara: Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara. I love the way this mascara lengthens and curls my lashes. 

16) To finish the look I applied the La Splash Lip Couture Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick – Honey Blonde, as I felt the shade tied in really well with the overall look. This lipstick also does not budge all day which is perfect for a festival. 

This is the finished look and I love how glowy it is. I’d love to know your go to festival makeup in the comments below! 

Emily Mae x